On 1 February 2023, Seoul-based Arario Gallery finally reopens after one year in its new location next to the Arario Museum in Space. 

Arario Gallery, one of the leading galleries in South Korea and internationally, has recently opened a new, massive new space in Changgyeonggung. Located next to the Arario Museum in Space, the gallery spreads over seven floors and is already hosting the first exhibition of this new era, ROMANTIC IRONY (on view through March 18th, 2023). 

Arario Gallery reopens
Exhibition view: Group Exhibition, Romantic Irony, Arario Gallery, Seoul (1 February–18 March 2023). Courtesy Arario Gallery.

Since its opening in 1989, Arario Gallery has operated exhibition spaces in various regions, including Seoul and Cheonan, Korea; Beijing and Shanghai, China; and New York, USA. Today, Arario Gallery maintains three spaces across Seoul, Cheonan, and Shanghai. Under the grand scheme of pursuing and securing the identity of Asian art, Arario Gallery focuses on discovering, incubating, and promoting Asian artists internationally and presenting experimental art from Asia to a broader audience through exhibitions by taking on the role of a leading gallery and guiding the contemporary art scene in Asia.

The gallery’s new location, moving from the former space in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, will be at Wonseo-dong. Jo Nagasaka, a world-renowned architect of Schemata Architects, Japan, has designed the new gallery space. 

Schemata Architects has renovated the existing building from the basement floor to the 6th floor, aiming not to create something entirely new but to maintain the previous building structure and materials, including the brick exterior of the outer wall. The focus is on creating a building that harmonizes with the existing Gonggan-Saok architecture by KIM Swoo-Geun. As a result, like the contrast between the old Gonggan-Saok building and the new glass building, ARARIO GALLERY Seoul’s black exterior creates a stark contrast with the bright white cube interior, which has been recreated into a new attractive space.

ARARIO GALLERY Seoul’s first exhibition of 2023 commemorates the re-opening of its new space by presenting the first group exhibition, “Romantic Irony,” which will show five represented artists, each of whom has had a longstanding relationship with the gallery; GWON Osang, LEE Dongwook, KIM Inbai, AHN Jisan, and NOH Sangho.

More information, and opening hours: www.arariogallery.com

Cover image: Arario Gallery, Seoul. Courtesy Arario Gallery.